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NEW DATES!  June 16 and 17:

Digital Lottery, Optimizing the Digital Connection that is transforming the industry

PGRI’s eConference shifts its focus to dynamic real-time audience engagement, and to that purpose our new logo to change from "PGRI LIVE!" to  PGRI Interactive!   







Leading Actors:




Thank you Presenters, Moderators, and Panelists for producing a fabulous eConference Collision with Tomorrow: Retail Modernization Attendance exceeded 500 (as it did for PGRI’s first eConference Post-COVID19 Lottery: the Movie ) for both, with a high level of engagement from lottery directors and industry leaders.  That means that now is the perfect time for a change to a refreshed, revitalized format that will put the power of digitization to work in even more and better ways.  We all miss being together in-person.  And while we talk about “interactive”, we have not always been very effective at making it happen.  We are set to change that by creating the eConference format that puts the spotlight on the audience and unlocks our yearning for live, dynamic, and personal (albeit virtual) interaction with each other and with the presenters and panelists. 

Following is a preliminary description of PGRI Interactive! Digital Lottery 2021 Roundtable Discussion topics:

--  Digital Engagement for ALL Lottery operators:  How are progressive lotteries building out the digital ecosystem and player-engagement platforms that generate robust short-term ROI as well as long-term positioning to increase the sales of lottery products?  This Roundtable to focus on Players Clubs, Loyalty Programs, and fresh, new, creative, innovative, out-of-the-box digital player engagement campaigns and strategies that optimize the connection with the audience of players and prospective players.   

--  Player Retention:  Over the past year, Lotteries gained new players and increased player-ship of core players.  How can we keep the momentum going? In the dynamic, fluid market-place of the digital world, the consumer is uploading apps and trying new brands with increased frequency.  They are also deleting apps and migrating to new products with equal ease and frequency. The real battlefield now is player retention.  How will Team Lottery win in this new race to maintain ongoing engagement and player-ship?   

--  Portfolio Management in the Digital World:  Players love the inter-activity and the instant gratification of eInstants.  The flip side of this equation is the shorter and shorter attention spans of the consumer.  How can Lotteries keep the attention and interest of the online players?   How can the science of portfolio management be applied to the world of iLottery’s digital games to enable the most dynamic rotation of games that deliver the optimal variety and combination of game-styles, freshness, price-points, and prize levels to appeal to the broadest range of player preferences?   

 --  Connecting the online and off-line worlds:  The consumer does not think in terms of channels of product and media distribution.  All “channels” are on, and they are all on 24/7.  How can Lottery leverage its massive online consumer connection to promote the fully integrated omni-channel gaming experience that enables seamless, friction-free migration from one channel/medium to the others?      

 --  Regulatory Obstacles and Solutions: Which states are furthest along in the process of approving iLottery?  What are the regulatory obstacles that those states are facing, and how might we as an industry overcome them (retailer opposition, federal U.S. DoJ interference, etc.)?

--  Data-Analytics:  How is digitization and data-modeling transforming the fields of business intelligence that drives game development, messaging, marketing and promotional strategy etc.