Congratulations to the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

The 51 members of the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame have elected six new members
to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to:

-- Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, General Director, Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande, 
President of the World Lottery Association

-- Bernadette Lobjois,Secretary General, European Lotteries Association (EL)

-- Jim Haynes, Director of the Nebraska Lottery

-- Alan Eland, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of North America, 
GTECH Corp., and President of GTECH Printing Corporation

-- Margaret R. DeFrancisco, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Pollard Banknote Ltd.

-- Michael P. Conforti,Senior Vice President of International Business Development, Scientific Games Corp.

The Lottery Industry Hall of Fame was founded in 2005 as a means of honoring those who have done so much to promote
excellence and integrity and make the world lottery industry the great success that it is today. 
The recipients of this award are all a credit to that ideal and join a select and distinguished group
of world lottery industry professionals. You can read more about the Lottery Industry 
Hall of Fame and the members at 
Biographies of the 2013 Inductees will be in the October issue of PGRI Magazine.

The induction ceremony will be held at  3:30 pm. on Thursday,October 3rd 
NASPL Convention in Providence  Rhode Island Convention Center, Rotunda Room, 5thFloor

All are welcome to attend and we hope to see you there! 



GERALD S. AUBIN - CLASS 2009, Director of the Rhode Island Lottery, USA

RALPH BATCH - CLASS OF 2005,   Former director of the New Jersey, Illinois and Delaware Lotteries; USA

RAY BATES - CLASS OF 2008, Consultant & Speaker; Honorary President of the European Lottery Association; 
Former Chief Executive Officer An Post Lottery Company, The Irish National Lottery, IRELAND

BILL BEHM - CLASS OF 2008, Consultant, Formerly Senior Vice-President Hardware Engineering and
Manufacturing, Scientific Games Corp., USA

DANIEL BOWER - CLASS OF 2005, Co-founder and former President & Chairman of Scientific Games Corp., USA

CHRISTOPHE BLANCHARD-DIGNAC - CLASS OF 2012, President & Chief Executive Officer,  La Francaise des Jeux, FRANCE

DORIS & DUANE BURKE - CLASS OF 2005, Founders and former owners of Public Gaming Research Institute, Inc.;
(selected by other 2005 Hall of Fame members), USA

MICHELLE CARINCI - CLASS OF 2006, President & CEO, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, CANADA

MIKE CHAMBRELLO - CLASS OF 2006, Chief Executive Officer, Scientific Games Corp., USA

HENRY CHAN, CLASS of 2011,  Executive Director, Betting, The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), HONG KONG  

WILLIAM FOX - CLASS OF 2009, Regional Vice-President Sales, Scientific Games Corp., USA

DAVID GALE  - CLASS OF 2012, Executive Director, North American State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) USA

ARCH GLEASON - CLASS OF 2006 , President & CEO, Kentucky Lottery Corporation, former president of the World Lottery association, USA

GORDON GRAVES - CLASS OF 2005, On-line systems and self-service lottery sales pioneer; serial entrepreneur in the lottery industry, USA

REBECCA HARGROVE - CLASS OF 2005, CEO of the Tennessee Lottery; former President, Georgia Lottery; 
former head of Florida Lottery; former head of the Illinois Lottery, USA

WILLIAM HUNTLEY - CLASS OF 2012, President, Lottery Systems, Scientific Games USA

JAMES KENNEDY – CLASS OF 2010, Senior Vice President, Sales & Global Marketing, Scientific Games Corporation, USA

JOHN KOZA - CLASS OF 2005, Co-founder and former Chairman & CEO of Scientific Games Corp., USA 

JEAN MARC LAFAILLE - CLASS OF 2005, Canadian Lottery pioneer, former President of Loto Quebec, CANADA

LOTHAR LAMMERS - CLASS OF 2005, Co-inventor of modern Loto games and former German lottery managing director, GERMANY 

CONNIE LAVERTY O’CONNOR – CLASS OF 2010, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, GTECH Corporation, USA 

WAYNE LEMONS - CLASS OF 2006 ,Director, Delaware Lottery, USA 

TOM LITTLE - CLASS OF 2006, President & CEO, Intralot, Inc., USA 

VICTOR MARKOWICZ - CLASS OF 2005, Co-founder and former co-chairman of GTECH Corporation, USA 

JOHN MUSGRAVE - CLASS of 2011, Director of the West Virginia Lottery, USA

RISTO NIEMINEN - CLASS OF 2009, Chief Executive of Veikkaus Oy, President of the World Lottery Association, FINLAND

REIDAR NORDBY, Jr. - CLASS OF 2007, Former President & CEO of Norsk Tipping AS, 
the Norwegian National Lottery, Former President of WLA, NORWAY

TIM NYMAN - CLASS OF 2005, On-line lottery industry pioneer and former key executive with GTECH, USA

JAYMIN PATEL, CLASS  of 2011, President & Chief Executive Officer, GTECH Corporation, USA

ED POWERS - CLASS OF 2005, Former Director of the New Hampshire Lottery - first U.S. lottery in modern times, USA  

JUNE ROACHE, CLASS  of 2011, Chief Executive of the Lotteries Commission of South Australia (SA Lotteries), AUSTRALIA 

LYNNE ROITER - CLASS OF 2008, General Secretary & Vice President Legal Group, Loto Quebec and 
General Secretary of the Montreal Office for W.L.A., CANADA

STEVE SAFERIN - CLASS OF 2005, Founder of MDI; Chief Creative Officer, Scientific Games Corp., USA

CARLA SCHAEFER, CLASS of 2011, Vice President of International Development, Scientific Games Corp., USA

GUY SIMONIS - CLASS OF 2005, Canadian Lottery pioneer and leader; former President of the British Columbia and 
Western Canada Lotteries; Founding President of the World Lottery Association (WLA), CANADA

GUY SNOWDEN  - CLASS OF 2005, Co-founder and former CEO & co-chairman of GTECH Corporation, USA

CHARLES FROST STRUTT - CLASS OF 2012, Executive Director of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL)

DR. EDWARD STANEK - CLASS OF 2005, Former CEO of the Iowa Lottery and leading lottery innovator, USA

DONALD L. STANFORD - CLASS OF 2009, GTECH Technology Fellow, USA


FRIEDRICH STICKLER – CLASS OF 2010, Deputy Managing director, Austrian Lotteries; President of the European Lotteries Association, AUSTRIA

ROLF STYPMANN - CLASS OF 2012, Managing Director of Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH, GERMANY

DONALD R. SWEITZER - CLASS OF 2012, Chairman, GTECH Corporation USA

WILLIAM THORBURN – CLASS OF 2010, Chief Executive Tatts Lotteries and Golden Casket Lottery Corporation, AUSTRALIA

CAL TIGNER - CLASS OF 2005, Instant ticket marketing innovator, founder of Take-A-Ticket, USA

DIANNE THOMPSON - CLASS OF 2006, Chief Executive Officer, Camelot Group – Operators of the UK National Lottery, UNITED KINGDOM

JOHN WALSH - CLASS OF 2008, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Services, Scientific Games Corp., USA

LORNE WEIL - CLASS OF 2005, Chairman of Scientific Games, Inc., USA

JENNIFER D. WESTBURY - CLASS OF 2012  Executive Vice President, Sales & Customer Development, Pollard Banknote, CANADA

DR. WINFRIED WORTMANN - CLASS OF 2009, Managing Director of West Deutsche Lottery, GERMANY