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NEW DATES ***FEBRUARY 26-28, 2019 ***


I hope the conference experience was enjoyable and rewarding for you as it was for us.  I always appreciate feedback of any kind so please let me know what we can do to improve your PGRI conference experience.   
A special thank you to all of our presenters, and panel discussion panelists and moderators.  I asked a lot of you, you delivered in wonderful fashion, and your audience appreciates you as do I.  Now we look forward to the next PGRI event which will be February 26-28, 2019  in Fort Lauderdale. Room Block opens next week.  All EarlyBird Registrations book Ocean View Studio's at regular room rates.   

OCTOBER 22-24 Park Lane Hotel
New York City

Lotteries Reshape the Games-of-Chance Industry 

OCTOBER 22-24 Park Lane Hotel
New York City

• Monday October 22, 5:00pm: Opening Night Reception

• Tuesday October 23: Conference Sessions followed by Reception

• Wednesday October 24: Conference Sessions conclude at 1:00pm, followed by Lunch and Reception  





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The theme of the conference is

What’s your Why?

Why do we do what we do – as an industry and also as individuals who are dedicated to supporting the mission of Lottery. That basic brand-defining question will serve as a catalyst for exploring ways to shape the image of Lottery not just with our players and close circle of supportive stakeholders, but with legislators, general media, general public, and the broadest possible audience. Sports-betting: How will it affect the broader games-of-chance industry, how will it impact Lottery in particular, and what should we do about it.