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Lottery Expo NYC 

Tuesday October 23 5pm Opening Night Reception

 Conference sessions will be held on Wednesday October 24 and conclude at 1:00 pm on Thursday October 25, with lunch and reception following.  We will confirm the hotel venue soon.  It will be in or close to mid-town Manhattan.

Lottery Expo will include a focus on those traditional topics that drive performance and long-term sustainability: Modernization and Digitization, Retail Optimization, Multi-State Collaboration, Enabling Cashless Options and Building the Interactive Relationship with the Consumer, and more.  

The theme of the conference is:


Why do we do what we do – as an industry and also as individuals who are dedicated to supporting the mission of Lottery.   I am hoping that basic brand-defining question could serve as a catalyst for exploring ways to shape the image of Lottery … not just with our players and close circle of supportive stakeholders, but with legislators, general media, general public, and the broadest possible audience. 

More to come but I hope you might put those dates (Oct. 23 to 25) on your calendar and that it will work out for you to come.  More to come as we confirm the speakers and clarify the program.

Conference Hotel TBA soon mid-town Manhattan.






 Co-Hosted by PGRI  and the Florida Lottery

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