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Public Gaming International magazine contains more high-quality lottery editorial, vital information and industry statistics than any trade publication

NASPL Report - a unique forum for the leading association of North American lotteries containing association news, updates and analysis of industry trends What's News - brief, timely snapshots of lottery events and developments Executive Fast Read - summaries of each issue's top features translated into Spanish. Public Gaming International is the only monthly magazine offering this feature Industry News - the latest in contract awards, vendor news and other supplier bulletins Around the World - short summaries of international lottery developments New Products - the ideal editorial forum for companies to introduce new products Roundup - a brief, state-by-state look at each lottery's most recent marketing strategies, game launches and sales promotions Lottery Sales - total and per capita sales figures by game, by week for each U.S. and Canadian lottery Sales Comparison - charts and graphs comparing monthly sales totals in U.S. and Canada International Profile - a feature on an international lottery's success and unique operations People - an inside look at the people responsible for this industry's success Fax for Facts - a service provided exclusively to advertisers that generates instant leads and sales opportunities for your company Each month Public Gaming International brings timely information to thousands of lottery executives around the world. Keeping today's decision-makers in touch with the strategies for successful lottery operation, Public Gaming International is your link to the global lottery market.

Lottery Industry Fact Sheet

$ 85 billion global industry

306 lotteries in 102 countries

More than two-thirds of all adults play the lottery

More than 210,000 lottery retail locations in the U.S. and Canada

Lotteries reach 85 % of the U.S. population

Lotteries are huge consumers of many types of products and services: accounting, advertising, communication systems, computers, couriers, incentives, market research, outdoor signage, point-of-purchase advertising materials, paper products, printing, tickets, security, specialty premiums.