SMART-Tech 2004

SMART-Tech 2004
SMART-Tech 2004

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Public Gaming Research Institute presents SMART-Tech 2004 February 6-9, 2004 Memphis, Tennessee At the world famous Peabody Hotel 149 Union Ave Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 529-4000 Peabody Hotel
SMART-TECH 2004 February 6-9 Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Lottery Associate:

PGRI’s SMART-TECH is always an important forum for promoting ideas to make the lotteries more successful. Again this year, PGRI will strive, especially, to make SMART-Tech 2004 a springboard for lotteries to see new ways to help their states close the gap between budgetary needs and serious shortfalls in traditional state revenues. From cutting edge ideas to better application of well know concepts, SMART-TECH will help lotteries and suppliers look ahead and be more successful.

Revenue growth comes in many forms including, expansion of product offerings based on successes elsewhere, improved marketing of existing products, improved retailer sales strategies, improved advertising, reduced operating costs and the addition of products new to the lottery industry. All of these strategies for growth will be explored by the experts participating in the program.

We look forward to your contribution to helping the lotteries grow by participating in SMART-Tech 2004.

A SMART-TECH registration form is enclosed with this note. I encourage you to register for the conference and to make your hotel reservations before the holidays begin - the cut-off for hotel rooms is early January. Please complete the SMART-Tech Registration form and fax it to PGRI at 800-657-9340 or 425-415-2125. Or, alternatively, e-mail the information to The direct dial number for the Peabody Hotel is Peabody Hotel: Tel. 901-529-4000 or 1-800-PEABODY.

If you have questions or need help with your registration or hotel reservations, you can call PGRI at 800-493-0527 or 425-765-4119 or call me personally at the numbers listed below.

We hope to see you at SMART-TECH 2004 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, February 6-9.


Duane V. Burke President & CEO
Web address:
Tel.: 800-493-0527
Mobile: 425-985-3157