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Lottery Expo 2010 is building out to be a great conference.  Being held at the Wynn Las Vegas on Nov 16 and 17, room reservations are not being taken yet, but they will start the end of this week (at just $169!).  Those dates coincide with G2E (Global Gaming Expo, the huge gaming trade show and conference held at the Las Vegas Convention Center during that same week).  Lottery Expo is FREE to lottery and government employees.  Register at   
Visionaries and Thought Leaders from within and from outside of the Lottery industry will convene to address the most important topics of the day, including:
--  Internet Poker and casino-style gaming will soon be an important and successful part of the Canadian gaming environment.  Discussion topics include:  Creating synergy between the provincial websites and a multi-provincial Internet poker website; Communicating with political constituents, the media, and the general public; Guaranteeing security and integrity of the games and personal information. 
--  The challenge to scale-up for social networking games (like Internet poker).
--  Integrating new games, channels, and media with traditional lotto and scratch-offs.  Cross-promoting for optimal overall impact on the entire product portfolio.
--  Multi-jurisdictional super-jackpot games.  What is the current run-rate for the cross-selling of Mega Millions and Powerball and what’s next.   The future of marketing and promotion of the super-jackpot games to drive continued growth.. 
--  Collaboration.  U.S. lottery directors collaborate to cross-sell both super-jackpot games.  Canadian lottery operators collaborate to form a national poker network.  How and why forging a ‘United We Stand’ approach will produce a formidable competitive advantage, strengthening each individual lottery operator.      
--  Integrating traditional lottery with the Internet, Social gaming, and an extended-play gaming experience.  Second-Chance Drawings are a fabulous start, and we’re just beginning to tap the incredible potential.
--  The entertainment-only video-gaming business that has appealed to the “next gen’ gamer” is experiencing a major paradigm shift.  Consumer preference is migrating towards a more dynamic, fluid, game style that emphasizes play, fun, and social interaction.  What are the big-picture trends in consumer behavior and why does it spell big opportunity for state lotteries? 
--  Key to long-term success of Lottery is optimizing the incredible power of their retail network.  Creating a mutually supportive relationship between channels will engage the support of the retailers and produce superior results for the lottery operator.  How will land-based retailers fit into the integrated model of the future? 
Stay tuned to our news website,, and our conference website, for updates.