DIGITAL ADVERTISING PROGRAMS in eNewsletters and Websites

Product Description

Digital advertising is available in the Morning Report, Daily News Digest, websites,,,,  Also in the eNewsletter the “Morning Report” which is a weekly electronic newsletter sent to 15,000 members. The Morning Report, which is targeted towards the busy gaming-industry professional and features up-to-date news focused on gaming issues delivered in a condensed format.

A weekly email bulletin for Lottery, Video Gaming & Racino Executives Interested in Growth, Expansion & Added Success that provides all of the latest information pertinent to the lottery, video gaming and racino industries: new developments, legislation changes, RFPs released, contracts awarded, personnel changes, new products, bid status, association news, statistics and more.

Please call 425-449-3000 for more information. A variety of sizes and placements are available to fit your needs.

 Digital ads can also be placed in the PGRI Daily News Digest is a must-read digital publication

Featuring critical headlines of the day keeps you abreast of latest industry news.

The Daily News Digest includes key interviews of top industry leaders. This publication is delivered to the email address you enter when you order. You will receive nothing by regular mail and there is no charge. - Click on the add to cart link to proceed to order convenient form of the news website, Daily News Digest, and Morning Report e-newsletters and in the rich context of videos that feature the vision of industry-shaping leaders.

The Daily News Digest and eMorning Report

Mobile Enabled

Lottery news is breaking every day – and we are there with it, bringing it to you  as-it-happens. We bring a curated collection of the industry-shaping news to the widest readership of industry professionals around the world. Over 10 years of online news reporting has resulted in the widest and most engaged readership of industry professionals around the world.

Digital Fast Facts:

15,000 daily news summary subscribers; averaging over 750,000 website page-views a month; redesign launched in 2017… all to bring new opportunities for our commercial partners to connect with an even more engaged audience


• Traffic averages over 750,000 page-views a month

• New updated design launched in 2018

• New advertising opportunities with a range of ad unit sizes and placements

Three new websites launched in 2017

• PGRI Digital News Library

• PGRI Digital Directory of Gaming Industry Professionals

• PGRI Awards Website

Integration of PGRI 360-Degree Communication Portfolio

• Daily News Digest/eMorning Report/Mobile-enabled e-mails your digital message to 15,000+ industry professionals

•, which already commands the attention of the industry, will be the customer-facing digital portal to all of PGRI digital products and websites.

Expanding Opportunities

PGRI is continually updating its digital products to be the linchpin for everything we do to connect with your audience. Digital is where 15,000+ industry professionals connect with PGRI every single day. That connection is refreshed on a daily basis with breaking news, insights from visionaries both within and outside of the gaming industry, original content in the form of interviews and videos, as well as articles submitted by our commercial partners.

With digital as the organizing hub, PGRI’s print magazine, digital channels, and conferences are mutually reinforcing in a uniquely synergistic way. Unique because nobody else has anything remotely like this 360-degree connection to the audience of government-gaming professionals and influencers.