A G E N D A ILAC July 22-25 CONGRESS 2 0 0 1 M I A M I B E A C H , F L -ILAC Congress 2001


ILAC July 22-25 CONGRESS 2 0 0 1

M I A M I B E A C H , F L -ILAC Congress 2001 Program Outline-

July 22-25 2001 • Miami Beach, FL • Loews Miami Beach Hotel Co-hosted by the Florida Lottery

July 21, Saturday Noon - 5pm

Exhibit Setup Salon II

July 22, Sunday 7am - 4pm

Exhibit Setup Salon II 9am - 8pm Registration Open Foyer 3pm - 5pm

Opening Ceremonies and General Session I Salon I

Welcome to ILAC 2001 Duane Burke, Chairman/CEO, Public Gaming Research Institute

Welcome to Florida from the Florida Lottery How to Advertise and Promote Lottery Products to Increase Sales Our lineup of speakers from around the world will show and tell you how they increase awareness of their lotteries and increase sales through the use of advertising and promotion. The ideas will range from advertising campaigns and branding to the simplest of ideas that any lottery can do on limited budgets and resources.

New to ILAC this year: The Public Gaming Research Institute ILAC Advertising Awards limited entry to ILAC Lotteries. Watch for details soon.

5pm - 8pm Welcome Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall Salon II

July 23, Monday 9am - 7pm Registration Open Foyer

10am - Noon General Session II Salon I

How to Increase Traditional and Instant Sales Through Product Planning to Purchase Forever, lotteries have been learning from each other to develop products and optimize sales distributions methods. They have shared games, names and ways to promote their products. This session will give actual case histories of new and innovative ways to increase traditional and instant sales. We will also introduce new products, promotions and services that can assist your lottery. If your lottery sells any paper lottery product players can win a prize from, you will not want to miss this session.

Noon - 3pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall Salon II

3pm - 5pm General Session III Salon I The Great Idea Forum If you missed this meeting last year, you missed a “Great Idea” and there were many. We will give you another opportunity at ILAC 2001 to present and share ideas generated by your Lottery that led to greater sales, cost efficiencies or assisted in operating your organization. Start thinking. Awards given for those voted the best. Details soon. This was everyone’s favorite session!

5pm - 8pm Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall Salon II

July 24, Tuesday

9am - 1pm Registration Open Foyer

9am - 11am General Session IV Salon I

What Are You Selling and How Do You Sell It? No matter what lottery product you sell be it traditionals, instants, daily or Lotto, on the street, in a retail location, by VLT, or on the Internet you will be impacted by the information in this session. Even if you aren’t selling this way it is most likely your competition is. Information in this session will provide a review and will also give you new ideas on how to take your lottery up another step on the sales ladder. Special information on Internet play and how it is affecting lottery sales. Also: How to put the Internet to work for you even if you aren’t selling tickets on the Web.

11am - 1pm Brunch in Exhibit Hall Salon II

1pm - 5pm Exhibit Teardown Salon II Afternoon Open for private meetings July 25, Wednesday

8am - 11am Registration Open Foyer

10am - Noon General Session V and Closing Comments Salon I How to Build an ILAC Communications Network The lottery industry is built on communication: Communication with our ticket sellers, Communication with lottery suppliers, communication with the players--- and communication among other lotteries. This informal session is all about COMMUNICATION and how effective communication can lead to stronger lotteries. Come share in the planning. Noon ILAC 2001 Adjourned