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Stay in touch with existing markets and get exposed to new ones – Public Gaming Goes Everywhere Every week!

A Diverse Publication for a Diverse – and Distinguished – Readership

Public Gaming International Magazine provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues that affect all members of the gaming industry: top executives, property owners, regulators, state and federal government officials, attorneys, analysts, technologists and suppliers and more.

A Global Reach

Articles by industry experts and our staff of professional journalists cover topics affecting every aspect of the worldwide gaming industry – setting Public Gaming apart from other gaming publications.

A Trusted Source

Gaming professionals trust Public Gaming because it is the oldest continuously published magazine for the worldwide gaming industry owned by the Public Gaming Research Institute - the first worldwide information gaming source created in 1973.

Award-Winning Editorial

Over the years, since its inception in 1975 Public Gaming has been the recipient of many editorial awards and accolades and won a special industry award in 1999 - honored at NASPL ‘99 for 30 years of service to the lottery industry.


By placing an ad in Public Gaming, you reach more than 20,000 gaming professionals who can benefit from your products and services.

Business, Professional & Government……………………………..Total Qualified Circulation

State, Provincial and International Lottery: 3,000 Race Track Owners & Racino Management: 3469 Casino Owners & Management: 5188 Gaming Agencies & Commissions: 1473 Gaming Associations: 500 State Government Officials: Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Attorney Generals & Treasurers: 245 Gaming Attorneys: 230 Gaming Analysts: 69 On-Line Gaming Management: 492 Worldwide Gaming Suppliers: 6862 21,086

How many other people read or look at each subscriber’s copy of Public Gaming? The average subscriber passes Public Gaming on to 3.4 other readers.

Estimated total readership: 71,6924

Our Loyal Readers could be Your Customers Our high pass-along rate, combined with the fact that the average Public Gaming reader has subscribed for more than 15 years, demonstrates that our readers trust and depend upon us, Your ad in Public Gaming will reach that loyal audience.


Every month you’ll find complete coverage in all of the following sections:

Worldwide lottery business – featuring monthly interviews with the top executives in the business discussing their latest strategies to grow the business and the hottest information on instant games, on-line, video gaming, branding, signage, point-of-sale, marketing, Internet, interactive and mobile technologies.

Worldwide government-sponsored Casinos – They are popping up everywhere and we’ll be covering them – including keeping you informed of the latest in legislation, from the architecture to the gaming floor, marketing, branding, slot programs, signage – everything that makes new these properties HOT, HOT, HOT!

RACINOS – monthly gaming legislation update, a monthly feature profile on a racino, interviews with top management and operators’ successes at new locations and expansions. From the security system to the slot loyalty programs and cross-gaming marketing strategies out to the track – we’ll be covering every aspect of this exploding new business.

TECHNOLOGY – We will bring you the latest and hottest products that will make your business more successful – we are constantly on the outlook for new innovative ideas that will help make your Business grow.

Top 10 New Reasons to Advertise in Public Gaming International

#1. REDUCED AD RATES: Public Gaming International is taking the lead in recognizing the financial challenges facing gaming suppliers today and has reduced its base advertising rates.

#2. BROADENED EDITORIAL SCOPE: Public Gaming International’s editorial scope has been significantly broadened by the addition of Video Gaming, Racino, Racing, Casino, Internet and Wireless, Online and Scratch-Off coverage. Several new monthly columns addressing topics of interest to gaming personnel thus making Public Gaming International even more valuable to readers.

#3. INCREASED EDITORIAL SUPPORT: Public Gaming International is increasing its support to its advertisers through timely editorial content that further educates gaming personnel on the value of these products and services.

#4. BROADEST DISTRIBUTION: 20,000 copies of Public Gaming International are distributed via print and electronic distribution monthly to state government officials, lotteries, racinos, casinos, gaming control boards, gaming associations, gaming attorneys, gaming analysts & gaming suppliers. No other publication for gaming professionals distributes as widely or as broadly as Public Gaming International.

#5. WEB VERSION: The electronic version of Public Gaming International, in its entirety, including all ads, is emailed to lotteries, racinos, casinos, gaming control boards, gaming associations, gaming attorneys, gaming analysts & gaming suppliers as well as posted and available for download through Public Gaming International’s website, Thus, as an advertiser, you are assured that every gaming employee who can potentially impact the purchase of your products will have access to your advertisement.

#6. BONUS CONFERENCE DISTRIBUTIONS: As an added bonus for advertisers, Public Gaming International will be distributed at the most important gaming conferences in the world in 2004, giving you added presence and prestige at these meetings, whether or not you attend them all.


# 8. FREE BANNER AD IN MORNING REPORT: A free banner ad for your company, that links to your web site, will appear in one of the weekly issues of PGRI’s Morning Report during the month in which your ad appears. The Morning Report is distributed to more than 10,000 gaming professionals.

# 9. FREE WEB SITE LINK: As an advertiser, a link to your web site will be added to PGRI’s web site.

#10. LIVE LINK FROM YOUR AD TO YOUR WEBSITE. As an advertiser, you will receive a live link from your ad in the electronic magazine to your website.